JUG Seattle

Monthly Meetup (November 2014)

Today was our second meeting at our newly sponsored venue in downtown Kirkland, WA on the waterfront in a beautiful meeting room, which makes it so pleasant for members to give presentations.

Tessa Mero (me) gave a presentation on "Secrets to Site Optimization" to the group.

You can find the link to the presentation here:


Here are the list of resources I've gathered for Site Optimization:


Monthly Meetup (October 2014)

An amazing thing happened for our group! We landed a meeting venue sponsor who is the biggest and best domain registrar company! eNom is letting us use their beautiful conference room and also sponsors our drinks and snacks. We are absolutely grateful for this!

Matthew Baylor presented on Site Security using Admin Tools and other ways on securing your site.

Monthly Meetup (September 2014)

After missing 2 meetings in a row, due to losing a sponsor (from them shutting down their business) and between all my traveling in the summer, it was very difficult to get this meeting up and running.

We met at an Irish Pub with free wifi. It was hard to find a space available to accommodate our meetup group with available wifi and in downtown Seattle, but we managed to find a venue.

I knew we had to plan for bigger and better for the next meetup for things to look brighter. :-)

Monthly Meetup (June 2014)

This was yet another great meeting. The turnout rate has been increasing just as we'd hoped!

Matthew Baylor presented on "The Wonderful World of Akeeba" and talked about all of the great products, what they are used for, and how to setup/configure a few of the popular and mose useful ones.

Monthly Meetup (May 2014)

Monthly Meetup (May 2014)

Over the past few months we have been working to revive user meetups in the Seattle area. With consistency in location and presentations geared to end users our turnout has been on the rise. Free food doesn’t hurt either ;-)

Monthly Meetup (April 2014)

Monthly Meetup (April 2014)

Our first meetup was a success! Oh wait, your question is, "How do you define a successful meetup"? Well, that's easy. We had people that showed up! It went from a group that fell apart, to a group with people showing interest!